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Fireworks For Sale - Celtic Retail Cakes


The most common type of retail firework. A group of individual shot tubes linked together to create a series of shots from a single ignition point. - Celtic Compound Cakes

Compound Cakes

A group of cakes which have been fused together to create a longer and more varied display from a single ignition point. - Celtic Rockets


A family favourite. An aerial device mounted onto a stick with a rocket motor. The stick and spent motor fall back to the ground. - Celtic Roman Candles

Roman Candles

A tube of effects with a short delay between each effect. Also available as a "bundle" which is a group of roman candle tubes firing almost continuously. - Celtic Fountains


A firework which ejects a continuous fountain of effect. The effect often increases in size as the firework nears its conclusion.

Sparklers - NB.jpg


A favourite with children and adults alike. A wire of firework compound which gives off small sparks. Always wear gloves!

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